Writer, seamstress and artist. This blog is dedicated to entertaining those who enjoy good stories and laughter.

Generally I post or reblog intriguing, original or very humorous pictures, gifs and thoughts regarding the following fandoms:

X-Men, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Jane Austen, Firefly, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, etc.

I try to stay away from controversial subjects, although I will reblog occasional posts relating to the treatment of women, or the Pro-Life movement, if it presents information in a new and thought-provoking way.

As a writer and seamstress, I'll also include posts related to these areas of creativity.

Go here and do a search on "Contact Us"

I know a lot of you are concerned about the rumored changes that are coming to Tumblr. The truth is, we’re not voiceless here… we need to let Tumblr know how we feel, and not just by posting rants on our blogs.

Click the link above. That’s the Tumblr help page. Type “Contact Us” in the search bar. The first link will be a way for you to e-mail tumblr. 

I want to highly encourage all of you that have any concerns about the changes to write Tumblr, thank them for the wonderful website we’ve enjoyed so far, and then share your concerns and questions. I’ve sent mine… if enough people bring up the same concerns, they will most likely listen, or at least give us a really good detailed explanation as to why the changes are happening.