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I love OUAT. But I utterly abhor how laughably wrong they portray spinning wheels. Really? You think it creates yarn by pulling already spun thread out? Um…

I was really hoping that by season three some expert might have gotten their attention. This is just ridiculous. 

New Replica of Red’s Cloak, Ruffle Variation

Confessions of a Seamstress: OUAT Costume Drool - 3.12 Goodies


I’m in love.

Let’s be honest guys.

OUAT started because Henry didn’t listen to his mother (Regina). Throughout everything he’s had a listening problem (sometimes for good, sometimes not).

Why would anyone think he’d start listening now?

(Okay yes this is just me feeling justified for complaining earlier about Henry’s inability to obey his authority figures.)

Snow White Hunting Costume! Learn how I created this ensemble from “Once Upon a Time” here!

OUAT 3.1 - "the Heart of the Truest Believer"

Well. Here we are again. After a long summer of anticipation, we pick up right where we left off… a pirate, a prince, a villian, a queen, a princess and a mother forming an unlikely alliance as the Jolly Roger sails into a portal… while Henry is delivered to the Shadow and Neal is discovered by some old friends.

We get one single flashback in this episode, which isn’t a bad thing as the episode is already jumping between three - no, four - plotlines. And the solitary flashback is a good one - (Read More)


calling it now, Emma is “Wendy”

Can’t be… we saw Wendy, Michael and John Darling last season, when they took Baelfire in off the streets and he took their place in going with the Shadow to Neverland.

See more of what sets this fifth recreation of Belle’s Blue Dress apart from the others! http://seamstressconfessions.blogspot.com/2013/08/belle-blue-round-5.html

Overdue… some true “confessions” in regards to the adventures of recreating Hook and Milah’s costumes from “Once Upon a Time.

My recreation of Belle’s Gold Gown from “Once Upon a Time”.

Part 1

Part 2